Homecam Press Kit

TL;DR: A HomeKit-supported camera monitor with multiple live cameras on one screen for iOS and tvOS. Only $4.99 on the App Store.

What is Homecam?

Homecam is the only app that allows the user to monitor multiple live feeds from their HomeKit-supported cameras on one screen simultaneously.

Apple's Home app shows snapshots of camera feeds until you open a camera feed to full screen, Homecam works around this limitation allowing you to easily monitor what your camera is seeing in realtime.

Core Features

  • Live View - View multiple cameras live on one screen, not snapshots that are showing the past.
  • Landscape Mode - On select devices, Homecam will utilize the screen more efficently when in landscape.
  • Single Camera View – Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can use the speaker and microphone of the camera to communicate to others.
  • Today Widget - Quickly glance at selected camera feeds live in a Today widget, providing a great way to keep track of those views important to you.
  • iPad Support - Homecam supports all iPads, allowing you to take advantage of your largest screens as viewports into your camera feeds.

Apple TV Features

  • Data Layers - Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can view layers of data from surrounding HomeKit accessories such as temperature, humidity and air quality.
  • Quick Switcher - Switch between cameras quickly using the new camera switcher, available with a swift swipe down, or even faster by tapping left or right on your Siri Remote.
  • Room Control - With the newly added HomeKit controls, Homecam enables you to control surrounding accessories in the same room as your camera. Change the room's lighting, adjust your thermostat and more.
  • Auto Cycle - Set Homecam to automatically switch between cameras to allow you to keep an eye on everything in full screen over time.


Homecam is only $4.99 on the App Store. This price includes the tvOS app as a bundle.

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